Free Encrypted Cloud Storage for Windows, Linux and Mac

In order to share and store sensitive data of my startup company I was searching for a cloud storage solution which offeres at least 5GB of storage for free, the data should be client-sided encrypted (which means that there is no chance for the cloud provider to access your data) and as we are using Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04 and Mac OS in the company there must be a good client program for all of them.

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Effective household

When I started working full time for the first time in my life after graduating I noticed that keeping my flat clean suddenly challenged me because I wanted to use my free time after work for myself and my weekends for friends & family. When I was still a student I never had this problem as I spend quite a lot time (studying) at home and used my short breaks to get small things done. Also I didn’t have to spend so much time to go to work and home every day.
This is why I want to be as effective keeping my flat clean etc. in order to have more time for others & myself. I’ll keep this post updated whenever I optimize another routine 🙂

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Years don’t matter

One thing which happed to me just recently: I felt old. And stressed. Statistically, my first third of my lift is over and some TED talks told me that everything which I did not seed before I reach thirty might very likely never happen. ARHGHH()/§$!

This was the reason why I almost quit my current “job” (which is: building my first startup with two other guys). This job is funded, I can very well survive (which is all I need), the cofounders are great people, the overall settings are (as often in my life, by coincidence) splendid: I am healthy, don’t have to feed a family yet so no pressure – etc. What’s wrong with me?

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Dimmed lights

In the evenings it’s good to prepare your body for the upcomming sleeping sessions by dimming the lights at least an hour before going to bed. Unfortunately there are often reasons to quickly check something on your phone or computer and, by that, you get blended by crazy white User Interfaces (UIs) – the screen brightness often automatically changes these days already. Only on Google Maps Navigation mode I noticed that also the UI theme changes when it gets dark but e.g. your browser or your operating system UI usually dont change automatically.
For this reason I am switching those UIs to a dark theme which usually is okay during the day, saves battery and is much nicer to control during the night. As this is not a no-brainer for every tool I am collecting how to do this for tools I use in the following.

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