Great tools which help thinking

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Being in school, university or similar there are always some mid-term goals we’re trying to reach. When we finally finish and start our working life there is suddenly little time to think about life and goals. We might find ourself so distracted by daily life that it gets challenging to find and follow our goals. I’m collecting tools which help me to “manage thoughts”:

  • – relativ simple cloud notepad tool, allows structured lists, great for managing thoughts on different matters which follow you throughout your life
  • – one of many KANBAN-style task managing tools, ok for TODOs
  • – incredible minimalistic and beautiful mind-mapping tool, great for “thinking”         *update: not using this anymore (right now)*

One thought on “Great tools which help thinking

  1. I found out that I love to spend some time in the evening for my thoughts.
    And that therefore I mustn’t do too much in the evening.
    That way I feel like when I’m travelling… very inspiring new experience during my daily life!


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