One uneventful evening I was trying to get my freshly installed Ubuntu to be more night-friendly to my eyes. After successfully changing the browser, file explorer and music player theme to dark I wasn’t able to get Chrome’s address bar to cooperate.

By digging deeper and deeper I realized that all those years I was using the default settings of tools because I am to lazy to find all those settings again when I change the device or reinstall the OS, however, for the moment, it felt really great to optimize everything (again).

In order to motivate myself not to accept itchy default settings any longer, I started this blog.

However, by setting the blog up the same night I noticed that since early on I execute minimalism, have troubles motivating myself for things which are not urgent and that it’s a real challenge for me to concentrate and focus on certain tasks.

Because of this, I always try to find new ways to reduce “noise” and to reorganize and restructure stuff. At some point I wondered if I am just a mad perfectionist but on the other hand this helps me to focus, so let’s see where this journey leads to.